Welcome to Yen Lab!

Our team is still in the process of improving our website. Feel free to check out our research and reach out to us if you would like to get involved! 

Our research

Our research in the Yen lab utilizes innovative imaging techniques to uncover vital information about a range of human diseases and their treatments.


Arrival of our $2M State of the art Hyperpolarizer

11/13/20 – After a long wait, our $2M dissolution-DNP hyperpolarizer arrives to the Martinos Center to be used for pre-clinical and clinical research. Dr. Yen was awarded a High-end Instrumentation grant by the National Institute of Health, which made getting this promising instrument to the center a reality. It is the first hyperpolarizer of it’s kind in the U.S.!

Honorable Mentions

Summer 2022 Intern:

Emily F Dolbear


[Providence College]

Fall 2022 Intern:

Shidong Xu


[Tufts University]